Saturday, 1 October 2011

NATURE knowledge

Natural Science (English: natural science, or natural science) is the term used to refer to the grove where the item is a science of natural objects with certain laws and public policy at any time anywhere
Science (science) was taken from the Latin word scientia which literally means knowledge. Sund and Trowbribge formulate that Science is a collection of knowledge and processes. While Kuslan Science Stone says that is a collection of knowledge and ways to get and use knowledge. Science is a product and a process that can not be separated. "Real Science is both product and process, inseparably overlapping" (Agus. S. 2003: 11)
Science as a process of steps taken by scientists to conduct investigations to seek an explanation of natural phenomena. The move to formulate the problem, formulating hypotheses, designing experiments, collecting data, analyzing and finally concluded. Emerging from the fundamental nature of science means quantification can take the form of the volume of natural phenomena.
Studying natural science & physical aspects of Earth and nonhuman nature. Natural science form the foundation for applied science, which are both known from the social sciences, humanities, theology, and art.
Mathematics is not considered a natural science, but used as a provider of equipment / tools and frameworks used in the natural sciences. The term natural science is also used to identify "science" as a discipline following the scientific method, in contrast to natural philosophy. At school, studied natural sciences in general on the subject of Natural Science (usually abbreviated to IPA).
Degree of precision of natural science is relatively high considering the real thing, because it's natural science is also commonly called an exact science.
In addition to the traditional use of the above, today the term "natural sciences" is sometimes used approach is more appropriate meaning in everyday perception. From this angle, "natural science" can be an alternative to biological significance, are involved in biological processes, and it is known from the physical sciences (related to the laws of physics and chemistry underlying the universe).

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