Monday, 3 October 2011

class V nature science

At the beginning of each semester, you will get the activities of the semester. in
Semester 1 Class V, you will learn the functions of human organs.
Functions of human organs include respiratory system, the system
digestive, and circulatory system. Three systems can experience
disorders or diseases.
To better understand the material on the functions of human organs and their
illness, do the following activities of the semester.
1. Activity theme: disorders and diseases in the human body
2. Type of Activity: observation (observation)
3. Activity objectives: to know and identify abnormalities or disease that can occur in the human body.
4. Work Activities

Have a letter for permission from your school to do observation in the hospital / health center.
Perform observation (observation) in one hospital or health center in your area.
The things you would do in these observations include as follows. a. observation disease You can observe a direct or ask for an explanation of the hospital / health center. Find information about the types of diseases,
symptoms of the disease, as well as ways to overcome them. you can interviewed a doctor or health worker at the hospital / health center. You must prepare the following results table.

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